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Take a look around! We have a ton to share with you! (and please share with us!). Everything here is hopefully something that will help your little girl fight a stronger fight against Rett Syndrome. Check out our product reviews, tips from other families, resource guides and doctor/therapist list!

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Whole Body Vibration Platform

Submitted by: Kelly Butler

This soloflex product gives  Brooklyn the opportunity to build strength in her muscles simply by standing on the board! It has also increased her balance a bit as well. I highly recommed this board for girls with low muscle tone!

2 comments to Whole Body Vibration Platform

  • Jeannie curry

    Just wanted to make every one aware there are a few boys with retts my son has klinefelters and retts syndrome!!

    • Bridget

      Yes Jeannie although Rett Syndrome is primarily a disorder that affects girls we do know of a few exceptional boys with Rett Syndrome! Our prince’s! God Bless your son!

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